For their latest release DJ SPEN and his Quantize team have chosen to update a 24 carat soul classic – the O’Jays’ ‘Used Ta Be My Girl’ and to make the rendition even more special they have drafted in veteran Philly vocalist KENNY HAMBER to take the song to new levels. Born in Baltimore in 1943, Kenny has enjoyed a long and successful career and his name will be familiar to serious soul collectors particulary for his work with Philadelphia’s Arctic Records.

Spen and Quantize offer five mixes of the song – and there’s a flavour for everyone but what unites them all is the quality of the song, the respect Spen and his team show for it and the big, big, committed vocal from Kenny which betrays years of soul experience and a gospel background.

The mixes come courtesy of DJ Spen and Michele Chiavarini (classic four to the floor outings) and DJ Fella whose tweaks are little more house-ified but none the less convincing for it… like we said, it’s just a great song that bears all sorts of treatments! Not to be missed!