Next month ERIC CLAPTON will be releasing a brand new album ‘The Lady in the Balcony’. We believe that the enigmatic title is a nod to Mrs Clapton (Melia)  who was  the only non-musician/technician during the recording process. I’m guessing she watched from a balcony?

This ‘Balcony’ project was initiated as the result of the forced cancellation of Eric’s concerts scheduled for May 2021 at the Royal Albert Hall due to the continued disruption caused by the pandemic. Looking for a viable alternative and hoping to keep his options open, he reconvened with his band to the English countryside and staged a concert in the presence of only the participants themselves  and , of course, Mrs C!

The band, by the way, was Nathan East (Bass and Vocals), Steve Gadd (Drums) and Chris Stainton (Keyboards). The repertoire consisted of Clapton classics (‘Layla’, of course) and a selection of blues and country standards  including the old warhorse ‘Got Mt Mojo Working’ which winds up proceedings.

The album will be released on November 12th and will be available in all sorts of formats … vinyl, CD, DVD, digital and more!