GREENWOOD AND HORN are new UK music making duo, though the pair Ian Greenwood and Ali Horn aren’t actually newcomers. Ian is a well-known dance music producer (often using various aliases) and he was  also manager of the band, The Sugarmen. Ali was the bass player in the combo before going solo with ‘Balcony Boys’ in 2021.

During the lockdown, Greenwood wrote some songs and, looking for a vocalist, decided to give his old mate, Horn a call; thus Greenwood and Horn was born.

The first fruit of the coming together is an Ibizan chiller/chugger, ‘Dust Of Falling Stars’. Laid-back, thoughtful, almost slo-mo with an indie bass riff and electronic sounds, it has a peculiar charm. The original tune’s tempo is raised a tad in the North Street West (aka Ashley Beedle, Jo Wallace and Darren Morris) mix which becomes even more Café Del Mar @ sunset in the stripped back version. Interesting.

‘Dust Of Falling Stars EP’ (Incl. North Street West Mixes) will be released June 24th 2022 on Ramrock Red Records.