NIGEL REYNOLDS is a gospel-reared soul man whose latest single, ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ is making plenty of waves amongst the soul cognoscenti. Mind you that’s   no surprise; you see Nigel has soul in his DNA. His father is Curtis “Kazoo” Reynolds who was (indeed still is) a key part of 70s funk band Ripple – the outfit are still going strong as “Ripple 2.20”, of course. Nigel has been mentored by his father and fellow Ripple player, Keith “Doc” Samuels and Jimmy Brown of Brick.

With people like that in his corner, Nigel’s ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ does have its roots in classic up-tempo soul and dance but the overall vibe is totally contemporary. The tune is hugely catchy with hooks a-plenty.

We’re told that Nigel is also a talented actor and dancer (he’s performed in shows like ‘A Raisin in The Sun’, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, ‘The Wiz’ and ‘95 mph Without A Seat Belt’ which he also co-wrote). However, on the strength of his ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ we’d advise him to stick with the singing career – at least for the moment. ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ is out now!