CALL SENDER is the intriguing name of a UK/US duo – Suffolk (UK) based multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and engineer Paul Elliott and Bay-area (US) resident multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and drummer Michael Reed. 

Michael and Paul got together during the pandemic  via  Skype and between them they crafted a whole album – ‘Lost To The Storm’. Oddly, they’ve yet to meet in person and the name “call sender” is homage to a vintage intercom system.

‘Lost To The Storm’ is due for release at the end of  October. In the meantime, the duo have just released the first single – two very contrasting sounds – ‘Mad Mark’ and ‘Nova’.

The former is a broody, heavy instrumental, dedicated to a sculptor that built a clandestine castle on landfill at the Albany Bulb in San Francisco  Bay. Call Sender’s team tell us the track is inspired by breakdancing culture, taking the b-boy drums from the style with  the addition of g fuzz guitars and a sprinkle of synths. The latter is much more restrained – ethereal even. It was inspired by 70s French and Italian library music and named for Paul’s newly-born daughter. The single’s out now via Tru Thoughts.

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