Maeve Kelley is a young, new soul singer working out of L.A. Originally from Boston, young Ms K decamped to the West Coast to dip her toe into the area’s vibrant music scene and managed to turn plenty of heads with her debut single, ‘Baby Blue’.

Maeve now follows that with the sultry groove that is ‘Jupiter’s Child’. She calls this cut her “identity track”: – “Surprisingly enough, Jupiter’s Child was dreamt up from a dark place: during a time when I had lost my sense of self and the stars seemed to go black. I wrote this song as a way to force myself to remember who I am: a strong, passionate, and creative, young woman with fire in her soul; a woman who will always chase her greatest dreams and embark upon wild journeys, no matter what.”

Citing her inspirational sonic heroes as Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, Etta James, and Frank Sinatra, you can check Maeve’s ‘Jupiter’s Child’ via your favourite download/streaming portal now.