DECREE is a new kid on the London soul block but he’s about to establish himself as “name” with his upcoming tune, ‘Don’t Leave Me’.

Brand new it (and he) maybe but the team behind matters have been around for quite a while. ‘Don’t Leave Me’, you see, is the product of the FULL INTENTION team, who punters of a certain vintage will remember via their work with people like Jennifer Lopez, George Michael and Jamiroquai.

But that was then and ‘Don’t Leave Me’ is very now! In its original incarnation, the tune rides a great 80s soul weekender vibe… tight beats, passionate vocal and a veneer of sophistication. However to keep everyone happy, Full Intention have also crafted a full on house vocal mix which features some classic mad piano!

I’ll pass on the house mix but give a huge thumbs up to the original and with a Soul Asylum and a Met Life Philly style mixes on the way, things look god for Mr DeCree.

Both mixes will be available from December 28th