BUMP KITCHEN are a West Coast-based, six piece self contained outfit – and for the last nine years they’ve been busy proving that soul and funk are still very much alive and very, very well! The band comprise TONY HARPER (vocals), EVERETT JAMES (drums), TOM MAZZUCA (sax), MARK BITTLER (Keys), JOE BEVENS (bass) and DAVID BROYLES (guitar) and their common bond is the belief that there is still a place for real musicians playing live – with commitment, passion and, of course, soul. BUMP KITCHEN spend most of the time on the road and their infectious dedication to their cause has won them a core of faithful fans.

The band are currently promoting two excellent CDs . First up is the eleven track ‘Who Ordered The Waffle’. It’s rousing proof that the band are sticking to their mission statement as they offer a committed set of sweet soul and driving funk that in places will remind you of TOWER OF POWER and dear old BLOODSTONE. Nine of the tunes are originals – the covers being versions of BILL WITHERS’ ‘Use Me’ and THE AVERAGE WHITE BANDS ‘The Jugglers’. Outstanding cut is the laid-back ‘Back In The Day’ – a heartfelt homage to the music of the 70s – which could so easily become a big summer anthem… the album’s title cut, by the way, is based on the band’s experiences on the road.

Both those tunes features on ‘Live At The Yale’ – BUMP KITCHEN’S “other” current album. Obviously, it’s a live set – recorded at the Yale Club in Vancouver, Canada and it proves that BUMP KITCHEN are a formidable live attraction. They “do” funk with consummate ease but in TONY HARPER they possess a superbly soulful front man – witness his performance on the beautiful ballad ‘Baby’s Heart’.

You can find out more about BUMP KITCHEN (and it’s recommended) @ www.bumpkitchen.com