Cast your mins back to summer, 2021 and you might just remember a lovely offering from RICH BEGGAR… ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’. It was his re-reading of the 1991 Mint Condition tune, ‘Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)’  and the mix came from ever-reliable GEORGIE B of the GROOVE ASSOCIATION who kept the melodic elements high but sprinkled  the whole affair with a flavour that harks back to those classic EWF slowies. There was a blistering horn solo too.

Now fast  forward to just last month when George and his Association re-visited the tune for his wonderful, no. 1 chart album,  ‘Reflections’.  For the new take George has added vocals from  long-time collaborator, DEBORAH BELL but he’s also wisely kept Rich Beggar in the mix alongside that great horn solo. What the team have crafted is a classic soul duet and you can learn more @