Latest release from (Chris) KINGDON is a summery, lazy instrumental, ‘(Baby) Bring It On’. We’re told that the inspiration for the tune was the music of the Blackbyrds circa ‘Walkin’ In Rhythm’ and, yes, ‘(Baby) Bring It On’ sure has that relaxed, easy-on-the ear feel. It has an odd hypnotic quality and it’s hard to pin point its attraction – but believe me it is… attractive that is!

Last week we reported that Chris’s sometime partner Stuart Mather has released his own new single, ‘Homeless’ (see our news archive). Sources reveal that the duo are working together on a new long player as a follow up to their successful 2015 album ‘Life’s So Sweet’.

In the meantime, enjoy the aural sunshine that is Kingdon’s ‘(Baby) Bring It On’… out on June 30th via DSG