Though still in the first flush of youth, Brit soulstress NATASHA WATTS won’t mind us calling her a veteran. For many years now she’s graced countless soul and soulful house productions, most notably alongside DJ Spen and the Cool Million collective. She also has her own work to be proud of too; please check her wonderful ‘2nd Time Around’ long player.

Natasha’s people tell us that she’s preparing a new album and to herald it there’s a sweet and lovely single doing the rounds. It’s a lively, breezy ‘Brighter Days’ and it really is as “up” and jauntily optimistic as the title suggests. Oddly, in places, it reminds me of something… maybe Rotary Connection? Not sure. That doesn’t really matter, What matters is that it’s a quality contemporary Brit soul cut that’s already winning plenty of plays though it’s not officially released  till 20th February.

We’re told that the single will be “free down load for all on the 27th February” (from  the singers  web site). You’ll also be able to pre-order the album. Keep your eyes peeled @