If you have long(ish) memories you may remember an Expansion album from 2013 called ‘Invitation’. The artist was a young London based soul man, TYRONE LEE (aka Tyrone Henry). We learned that Tyrone had quite a CV. He’d  already enjoyed a stint in the West End  MJ smash musical  ‘Thriller Live’ and  he then went on tour with the Jacksons. (pictured below)

Then as a songwriter Tyrone’s  penned tunes for people like West Life, Leona Lewis, Incognito and someone called Peter Andre! He’s also sung plenty of sessions and recorded with Reel People and Incognito. His work so impressed Ralph Tee (who knows a thing or too about soul) that he licensed  Ty’s ‘Invitation’ album for Expansion and it won plenty of support and praise from the UK soul crowd. Most commentators also noticed the sound similarity between Tyrone and MJ – hardly surprising given Mr. L’s background!

Now we’re pleased to report that Tyrone’s back with us (record-wise) with a lovely, soulful 5 track EP, ‘Memories Of  Brazil’. It’s evident that Brazilian music has always had a real attraction for soul and jazz performers and during a tour of Brazil, Tyrone fell in love with what he heard. He then decided it was appropriate for him to try and combine  the lithe, lively sounds  of that country with his own soul sensitivities and what he’s crafted on ‘Memories Of  Brazil’ is an intriguing, hybrid song cycle replete with catchy melodies, and insistent rhythms. And helping Tyrone deliver in fine style are Brazilian super star Danilo Motta and Michele Chiavarini.

The most “Brazilian” of the five tracks is the closer, ‘Soul N Samba’. The title says it all – it’s a wonderful “up” romp – a clarion call to the floor (I detect hints of Incognito here). ‘Awaken My Love’ is gentler, built round bossa rhythms; ‘Potential In You’ is a stately dancer; ‘’Fall 4 U’ is a sweet ballad; while the EP’s title track is a wistful builder. All are delivered with big production and Tyrone delivers soulfully and, again, the Michael  Jackson similarity is never too far away.

TYRONE LEE: ‘Memories Of  Brazil’ out now

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