They’ve been in the business for an incredible 30 years, but the BRAND NEW HEAVIES are still going strong. In their career the band has scored sixteen Top 40 hits and three million album sales and with a new long player on the way in September, those sales stats are all set to grow.

The upcoming album is ‘TBNH’ (via Acid Jazz) and the set is being heralded by the single ‘These Walls’. The Kendrick Lamar song is given a big, Latino treatment and was produced by someone called Mark Ronson…. a self confessed BNH uber-fan! He says the band helped turn him onto soul and he had them play at his 40th birthday bash. ‘These Walls’, by the way, features long-time band collaborator N’Dea Davenport on vocals. Ms D is just one of many guest vocalists joining Simon Bartholomew (guitar) and Andrew Levy (bass) on the 14 tracker. Amongst the other guest vocalists are Beverley Knight, Siedah Garrett, Angela Ricci and Angie Stone… quite a line up!

To promote the album the band is on the road through October and November – a diligent web search will give you the details.

In the meantime we look forward to the album. Sneak previews reveal it’s a corker – stuffed with that unique and classic BNH sound and right up there with their very best. One track in particular, ‘Getaway’ is sure to set dance floors alight. It features a sample from the Emotions’ ‘Best Of My Love’ and has N’Dea Davenport out front… brimming with optimism, it’s a winner all the way – mark my words. Full review of the album here @ SJF very soon.