BAND BAIANA (Baiana”is pronounced “By Anna” and meaning “woman of Bahia” – the  famed region of Brazil) is the brain child of vocalist LAURA DOYLE. Ms Doyle describes herself as apolyglot of pop” – she’s travelled the world  and speaks and sings in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. More interesting maybe is the fact that she’s also a female football agent and Head of Elite Women’s Sport for football agency CAA Stellar Sports!

During her time in Rio de Janeiro (we told you she was globe trotter!) she was inspired to form a band having been smitten by the music of the local dance halls  and the sound of people like Gilberto Gil, Elis Regina, João Gilberto and the Jobims.

The band have several singles under their collective belts, all played out on some of the classier music stations, but their new tune is hotly tipped to become even bigger! Easy to hear why! ‘Bossa Nova Dream’ is a classic bossa… gentle and beguiling with Laura sweetly caressing the evocative lyrics. Not quite Astrid Gilberto, but you get the picture. In fact the song was inspired by mornings in Rio. Laura says: “There is a magical time, just before the dawn, when Rio is waking up, the fishermen are getting their boats ready and you see the young lovers walking home along the beach in each other’s arms. It’s a beautiful sort of atmosphere, what I used to call a bossa nova dream.” Now you know.

The track was produced by acclaimed percussionist and all things Latin expert Mark Cotgrove – DJ Snowboy to his mates. Between them (and  the Haggis Horns) they mix a heady and tasty, beach side musical cocktail. We believe that ‘Bossa Nova Dream’  will feature on an upcoming Band Baiana album .