The sixties was the Golden Age of the Dance Craze and one of the most enduring of those novelty dances was (indeed is) The Boogaloo. Musicologists and people who worry about these kinds of things (yes, such people exist) can’t agree on the origins of the dance – it roots, rhythms and tempos. Some claim it began in the Afro-American community; others say the dance is a Hispanic creation. But does that really matter? We think not…. Boogaloo music is a joyous celebration of life and love and to make that point Ace imprint BGP has just released a wonderful 24 tracker that pulls together the very best Boogaloo tunes from the sixties.

There are plenty of Latino flavours here – for starters Mongo Santamaria’s ‘Mongo’s Boogaloo’ and Charlie Palmieri’s ‘Bugulu’ – while soul collectors will find treasures from some of their artists. Right now we’re lovin the Capitols’ ‘We Got A Good Thing In The Groove’ (essentially ‘Cool Jerk’ part II). Featured artists include Timmy Thomas, Chubby Checker (the man who knows more than most about dance crazes), the Bar Kays, Jimmy Castor, Lou Courtney and the Fantastic Johnny C, whose funky ‘Boogaloo Down Broadway’ is a Boogaloo classic – though there are plenty more here!