Brighton-based MR BONGO is a long standing UK label (and a lot more); their reputation is built on releasing  rare and esoteric music across genres.

Amongst  their current projects is a “Mr Bongo Edits” series – edited reissues of, as we said, the rare and esoteric on vinyl. The first release was curated by Danny Krivit and featured tracks by Sabu Martinez and Nico Gomez.

The second release is now good to go and this one’s down to veteran underground dance spinner, LUKE UNA  who taps into a lifetime’s worth of musical discovery to present Thandi Zulu & The Young Five’s interpretation of Pure Energy’s early ‘80s disco power play – ‘Love Game’ paired with Lionel Pillay’s Jazz dancer ‘Plum’.

The former has a distinct South African flavour  while the latter comes across like a hybrid of South African flavours and 80s Chicago house. Both edits clock in over 11 minutes and you can learn more @