Earlier this year we enjoyed a beguiling ‘Waterfallin’’ from a new name to us… BOBBY BAZINI. (above)

We learned that our Bob is a French/Canadian singer/songwriter who’s been around for ten years or so and he’s released four albums – with  the fifth, ‘Pearl’ pencilled in for an August release.

The gentle ‘Waterfallin’’ was the album-heralding single and it’s now followed by an equally gentle ‘Ojala’ (pronounced ohala). If anything ‘Ojala’ is more laid back than ‘Waterfallin’’. The new song’s sweet and seductive bossa nova tempo is a perfect fit for those long summer Pimm’s-fuelled afternoons!

By the way, we’re told  that  Ojalá is a beautiful Spanish and Arabic word that means “I hope” or “if only’’. And Bobby says, “it was the perfect sentiment for the song I was writing”! Out now!