BOBBY OROZA is a Finnish singer/songwriter with a feel for  blue-eyed soul… albeit with a Scandi flavour. In recent months he’s made waves with singles  like ‘Whatcha Know’ and ‘Losing It’.

Both were collaborations with US soul stylists the EL MICHELS AFFAIR (led by Leon Michels) and that partnership now delivers Bobby’s latest single … ‘Queen Of The Barrio’.

This one’s a haunting, lo-fi affair with an indie soul/Chicano vibe. Bobby’s people tell us that  the song is “a heartfelt ode to all the ladies who grew up in the barrios around the world, and the unique kind of woman that made them” . It’s sonically sincere and rather fetching in its own way. Out now on Big  Crown Records and we believe there’s vinyl via Bandcamp.