TIMO LASSY is a Finnish jazz saxophonist, composer and bandleader. He’s lauded and acclaimed throughout Scandinavia but has yet to make a “big” name for himself in the rest of Europe and Stateside. Maybe his newest release will help make that breakthrough. The album is a new, live recording showing what he can achieve with a large brass ensemble.

‘Big Brass with the Ricky Tick Big Band Brass Live at the Savoy Theatre, Helsinki’ was recorded live over two nights last year and features the 8 piece brass section of the Ricky Tick Big Band (marshalled by leader Valtteri Poyhonen) alongside Lassy’s regular four sidemen and together they make a spectacular and big sound. All the material is original and includes an epic 14 minute plus ‘African Rumble’ alongside a number of other extended pieces, intros and outros. Out now on Must Have Jazz.