Way back in April Italian soul man AL CASTELLANA impressed us all with his ‘Souleidoscopic Luv’ long player. The album was an unashamedly romantic affair… plenty of smoochers and quiet storm moments.

The album’s title tune was about as brisk as it got…. ‘Souleidoscopic Luv’ was busy and bustling, with a catchy little harmonic hook which won the cut plenty of pays on the  modern soul scene.

Well if you liked ‘Souleidoscopic Luv’ then, be prepared to like it even more as the tune re-enters the arena via a timely remix courtesy of DJ Spen. Our man at the mixer has reworked the cut into an even more dance floor friendly item! There are still plenty of catchy hooks, a grumbling, growling old school bass line and the sweetest vibes this side of a Vince Montana 12″! It’s out right now on Lademoto Records