JESS BEST is a New York-based singer/songwriter who’s just launched her debut album ‘Gone Baby’. The soundscape on the nine tracker is edgy, soulful and jazzy; in places it’s intriguingly experimental – as on the quirky ‘You’re The Water’. None of the tunes sound like the lady’s named influences, D’Angelo and Erykah Badu but you can clearly hear the impact that that dynamic duo has had on young Bess and the cover art work (pictured) indicates Ms Best’s eclecticism.

Two album tunes currently winning attention are the Amy Winehouse-flavoured ‘Pull’ and the sweet but never sentimental ballad ‘Hurt A Lot’ – pity that’s it’ so short; clocking in at under two minutes! Like the rest of the album it offers loads of intrigue and you can learn more @

Interestingly, ‘Gone Baby’ is released on RMI Records (Resonant Motion Inc.) a non-profit focused organisation that sees art and music as a vehicle for positive social change. Their catalogue includes music by Noah Baerman and renowned Portland-based pianist George Colligan, who made his RMI Records debut last November.