New Orleans born  (but now London based) soul singer, ACANTHA LANG has just released her debut album ‘Beautiful Dreams’ from which the title track is winning plenty of plaudits, and rightly so! It’s big and brash and oozing soul confidence with a tip of the hat to the great sounds of vintage Stax – a label that Acantha has always found inspiring.

Acantha’s love of Stax has already been revealed via her social media series, ‘Standing On The Shoulders Of…’ which offers her spirited reimagining of jukebox hits and Stax and other classic soul sounds. The channel’s had over 10 million views by the way! While we’re talking stats, Ms L’s music has already earned over 1 million streams and earned spots on various Spotify charts! Thus the album, ‘Beautiful Dreams’ is all set to add momentum to Acantha’s upward and onward trajectory! Out now!