Don’t know too much  about London-based soul and funk band, THE WILDVIOLETS (there is no gap in the name!) but we do know that their latest single, ‘Fragile’ is sweet and beguiling and should  be investigated if you care about quality contemporary Brit soul.

Inspired by the single, we’ve learned that the Violets are a quartet – Brooke Davies // Vocals; Felipe Franco // Guitar; Toby Edwards // Bass and Hannah Richarson // Keys and they have plenty of live experience . Those who’ve seen the band live (often with a full horn section) say that their audiences are soon on their feet and up dancing.

Surprisingly, maybe, ‘Fragile’ is not a dancer. It opens sombrely before developing into a beautiful melodic  paean to the heartache one goes through while still loving someone who has since let you go. Ms Davis delivers the message with just the right amount of tender pathos and melancholy while the band craft a simple but entirely sympathetic soundscape. It’s quite lovely.

The Wildviolets will be featuring their lovely ‘Fragile; when they headline Camden Assemblyon Friday December 9th. Learn more @