Soulsters with a penchant for Latin rhythms need to investigate a new single on Cuban percussionist CHARO VELECIO. ‘The Drums Of Auluya’ is an irresistible mover built around a rolling Afrobeat groove, underpinned by jazzy keys, hypnotic chanting, a vocal from ABI HOLIDAY and an African spoken word passage. Those diverse elements are brought together perfectly by top New York producer/DJ BENJI CANDELARIO who releases the track on his own Transitori label. The uncluttered original 7″ mix works best but for those who like the flavours a little different there’s five other tweaks to choose from including a Bellyhouse Electro Mix, a Wildman Duce Club Mix and a second twist from CANDELARIO (‘Strut Mix’) that features a catchy sax hook.

BENJI CANDELARIO with CHARO VELECIO’S ‘Drums Of Auluya’ is released on Transitori Music on November 1st.