BOBBY BAZINI is a French/Canadian singer/songwriter whose  fifth album from last year , ‘Pearl’, won him plenty of support from those with a penchant for the more left-field aspects of blue-eyed soul and innovative soft rock.  

Mr B’s  currently working on a follow up – a four-track EP, ‘Stone of June’ which is due out June 7th. In time honoured fashion, he’s just released the set’s first single  –  the gentle but building ‘Maia’. He says: “I always imagined ‘Maia’ as the introduction to this EP. Just like the song Pearl was the introduction to the album. They are both sort of sister-tracks. It’s a favourite of mine, and I’m really glad it’s finally released. It gives me the feeling of driving somewhere at sunset. It’s a song for the free-spirited. For anyone who needs to see beyond that horizon once in a while.”