It was just a month or two ago when boutique  LRK Records issued a feisty but tender and soulful  ‘What Will You Leave Behind’ from BELLA BROWN AND THE JEALOUS LOVERS. That one was a follow up to her LRK single debut that paired an uncompromising ‘Get Mine’ with  a more sombre, ‘I’m Gone’. Great  tunes, all of ‘em and so we needed to know a little more. Our investigations revealed that Ms B was actually born Carol Hatchett in  Chicago  but she now  works out of Los Angeles where she’s a big draw on the city’s live music circuit.

Her music is a magic mix of 60s and 70s soul and funk – rightly described as a hybrid of Sharon Jones and Tina Turner! So it’s with a measure of delight we can tell you that hot on the heels of ‘What Will You Leave Behind’, LRK are issuing a new single on Bella. It’s a totally  uncompromising, right in your face, ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ – yes, you’re right, the title leaves little  to the imagination. Cliché alert !!! It’s a proper banger!

More prosaically, the tune is an  up-tempo Stax sort of sound but the song does set out to deliver a message. It deals with the baffling and crazy phenomena of American gun culture and Bella  and her team deliver with all guns blazing! And there’s the irony! The LRK people call it “A conscious Soul cut, with a funky bump!” Spot on!

Look for “Bang, Bang, Bang” from May 5th, on all streaming platforms! Find out more @