Glasgow funkateers, TOM McGUIRE and the BRASSHOLES’ follow up their recent ‘Tower’ single with  an equally powerful and dynamic opus, ‘2008’.

Tom explains what the tune is all about: “’2008’ is a piano driven slice of funk with its feet planted firmly in the beating heart of  summer. Written at a time of global upset, it yearns for a happier time, celebrating a year that is close to my heart – 2008. In 2008 I was 21, uncrushed by the world, enjoying youth. It was a simpler time before the smart phone became ubiquitous, making the “moment” even more elusive. However by all accounts 2008 was a rough year – the credit crunch and all that! Yet I can only recall flashbulbs of youth. We invite you to recall what you were up to in 2008. Maybe there’s a  fond memory to recover. Perhaps with a little optimism, even these rough couple of years we have just endured might be softened in the filter of retrospect.”

A clever concept for a song, for sure, but as with all Tom and the team’s work, it’s the big, raw unrelenting sound that reaches out and grabs you. This ‘2008’ is big, bold and brash with an inventive production that includes a bonkers sax break and it’s out now. Learn more @