Proving that great tunes never ever go way, the still-wonderful ‘Soul Town’ from Ola Onabule is back with us in new, refreshed and so, so classy version! The “new” ‘Soul Town’ is credited to Ola with the SWR Big Band and it was recorded in SWR Stuttgart Studios.

You’ll know that the song (which in various mixes topped all the credible soul charts) talks of a time when artists believed that music could change the world, when musical icons of yesterday dared to question and dream of a better place in which to live. A time when music provided the backdrop to enormous social change.

Now, seven years since its first release, that message still resonates and the new production and arrangement offer new insights and perspectives to the tune. The piano fills are particularly beautiful and  Ola delivers majestically. The new recording of the anthem comes from Ola’s upcoming album, ‘Soul Encounter’.