UK master mixer Nigel Lowis has to be the busiest “behind the scenes” muso. He’s here, here’s there, he’s every bleedin’ where! Over the last few years, good ‘ole Mr L has worked on all kinds of mixes on all kinds of artists  and the latest to benefit from  his skills is Ingram Street – a soul/pop duo from Columbus, Ohio comprised of brothers Woody and Minquel Ingram.

Last  year the twosome released a well-received LP, ‘Paint The Town’ from which the title track has just received the Lowis treatment. The 2020 original was a nifty, little, uncomplicated  dancer and Nigel keeps the heat for the feet quotient high by garnishing the new ‘Paint The Town’ with catchy steppers’ flavours. The Ingram Street crew have also sorted a video showing you all the correct steppers moves you need to ‘Paint The Town’. An astute web search will lead you straight to it!