Hard to believe  but it’s been something like 25 years since we first heard and enjoyed the talents of HIL ST SOUL. That was  via their Dome album ‘Soul Organic’ and in 1999, Hil St Soul was a duo – Hilary Mwelwa and Victor Redwood Sawyer. Between them they crafted a wonderful take on contemporary soul that did something that back then was a rarity for a British soul record – it won the hearts and souls of American music lovers!

Since then Ms W has  forged a wonderful solo career – racking up soul chart rider after soul chart rider. Amongst her achievements was her big hit ‘One Life’ from her acclaimed ‘Back in Love’ album.

‘One Life’ was a collaboration with top US soul entrepreneur REGI MYRIX and for her latest single Hilary has rekindled that relationship and between them the pair have crafted  a delicious ‘Back in the Day’.

Hillary has written the song  and Regi handles the production and it’s obvious that both fully understand the nature of contemporary, grown up soul music. The track is properly atmospheric and packed with nostalgic references. It’s infectious, it’s feelgood and a whole lot more. If we had a single of the week, this would be it!

‘Back in the Day’ will be good to go via Bandcamp, April 12th; full release, April 19th – don’t miss it!