Latest  offering from veteran US DJ, producer and remixer JOE VENTURA is a proper old school, soulful house stomper, ‘Reconsider’. The track is stuffed with Big Joe’s signature sounds- feel-good pianos, sweeping synths, catchy brass stabs and tight beats but the cherry on this anthemic cake is the wonderfully soulful vocal  from New York’s TRACY BRATHWAITE.

Connoisseurs will recognize the song as a cover of Oscare’s 1990 House classic, ‘Reconsider’ but here Joe and Tracy offer a new perspective whilst retaining all the vibrancy of the original! The tune comes in a “classic” mix alongside a West 54th Street NYC Mix and Dub and for the faint hearted, as ever, there’s a radio edit

‘Reconsider’ (West 54th Street NYC Mixes) out now.  And ‘Reconsider’ (Classic Mix) out now via  Traxsource promo. Full release September 30th, 2022, on BIG Speaker Music.