We first came across Florida-born but New York–based singer songwriter, KENDRA MORRIS back in 2014 when her idiosyncratic cover of  The Proclaimers’ best known song ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ turned a few heads.  Like all the best cover versions, Kendra’s look at the Scottish brothers’ song was totally different to their original. Indeed, it was  strikingly different – dark and broody, sombre and melancholy… you’d be hard pressed to recognize it.

Then came her ‘Banshee’ album, an EP called ‘Babble’  and collaborations with people like Ghostface Killah and Motown guitar man Dennis Coffey… all adding to her CV. Then last year she made major waves with her ‘Nine Lives’ set which proffered more of her unique sound… it’s not soul, jazz or funk but it has elements of all three alongside rock, classic girl group sounds and flavours of Phil Spector.

Now those who are intrigued by all the above can revisit Kendra’s 2016  EP ‘Babble’ as it wins full reissue via Karma Chief/Colemine. The  new version of the mini album, includes 3 additional tracks – making a set list of 10. The new tracks are ‘Playing Games’, ‘Dial Back’ and ‘Ride On’. Those three and the original seven tracks deliver the soundscape that we described above…  a soundscape unique to Ms Morris. Message wise, we’re told  the ‘Babble’ song cycle is “a journey through human emotion, accomplished through  songs, bringing us, the listeners, into an enchanted world of pain and strength, feeling renewed on the other side.” Now you know!

Along with the new tracks comes new artwork. The original vinyl of this EP was released with a black and gold cover, sans artwork, unless you were one of the successful 50 to snag a copy with a one-of-a-kind self-portrait collage, meticulously created by Kendra. Now with a modified lightning bolt cover honouring the original, this newly expanded gatefold comes with a select few of those original collage pieces digitally recreated and combined to give the viewer a chance to search for Kendra, hidden amongst the chaos as she would have it. 

Kendra Morris’ Babble is out now on vinyl, CD and digital/streaming platforms via Colemine / Karma Chief Records

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