With Winter drawing in, Belfast born producer and multi-instrumentalist, Paul McMahon who works as BOLD PARADE is setting up to deliver a sort of  Autumnal album, ‘Two Leaves Falling’ (see cover!) Better late than never, we say!

We first heard of Bold Parade back in April via a three track EP, ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ which was followed in September with a four tracker, ‘Heat’. Tracks from both sets received critical acclaim and support from people like Craig Charles who flagged up the cool, jazz dance vibes – all delivered with a soulful undertow.

You won’t be surprised to learn that key tracks from both EPs get pride of place on the 14 track album. ‘Flowers In The Dirt’ (with vocals from Ukrainian talent Vytaute) still sounds good – classy blue-eyed soul in the manner of, say, Mamas Gun. ‘Cutting Room Floor’ ( from the first EP) retains all its brassy, Latino charm while ‘Heat’ offers a sweet, chilled out vibe (despite its title!). The lovely, lithe vocals here  are down to London’s Janessa J who glides softly over the NuSoul groove.

Janessa and Vytaute are just two of many contributors who make ‘’Two Leaves Falling’ such a special and intriguing listen. Also involved are America’s Katie Burke, and Paul’s long-time Irish collaborator, Marti Buchanan. Also on board are Canadian guitarist Kevin Dauost, Brazilian musicians Rafael Naine, Bruno Delarosa and Danilo Moura, Polish Jazz musicians Maciej Gizejewski and Patryk Rynkiewicz (keys) , Ruslan Gatash, flautist Alex Saxon and regular McMahon’s production partner, Mark Bell. Almost a League of Nations but between them they deliver a cohesive yet varied soundtrack to ease you out of Autumn and into Winter!

Amongst the highlights are a brassy ‘Teardrops’ (Vytaute on vocals again and a great horn solo… think maybe Incognito!) and the sombre ballad ‘Half Life’ which again has Ms V at the mic. There’s a subtle Celtic sadness in places here. Those two cuts represent the two ends of the Bold Parade spectrum – a soothing, mellow groove and a hot stepping, brassy fusion of  Soul and Latin! In between expect all kinds of everything. Recommended!

Bold Parade ‘Two Leaves Falling’ Album will be released on November 27th on Suzume Recordings.