‘Automatic Lovin” is the latest single from LACK OF AFRO (the musical alter ego of multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer ADAM GIBBONS). It’s (we think) the third single from Afro’s upcoming album, ‘Square One’, due September.

‘Automatic Lovin” is a lovely contemporary soul groove – almost used the adjective “smooth”, but “smooth” it ain’t. Rather, it’s cool and classy with an irresistible rhythm that will have heads nodding, feet tapping, hips swaying – the lot! The  vocal from Holmes is the cherry on the cake and the team tell us that ‘Automatic Lovin” is “an invitation to get down and get some without breaking a sweat”! Couldn’t have put it better myself!

‘Automatic Lovin” is good to go now  via Lack of Afro’s Bastion Music Group label. Recommended!