You may remember a lovely neo-soul tune from earlier this year… ‘Journey’ from H’ATINA. It reached number #1 on the Indie Soul Chart and we subsequently learned that H’Atina hailed from L. A. We also learned that the “H” is silent, and she’s pronounced “Ah Teena”. More? Well, she told us that she’s recently been on something of a life journey herself …. after a divorce she became a mother, a wife, a stepmother, causing her career journey and passion in music to be put on the back burner. But after moving back to L.A she decided to return to the scene with the semi-auto biographical ‘Journey’. The single release was coupled with one of the singer’s earlier recordings… ‘Sunshine’ which was offered in a 2020 remix.

Those two cuts form the centre piece of H’Atina’s new long player … ‘Authentically Me’, though at just 7 tracks it might better be labelled an extended player (EP). Like the ‘Journey’ song, Ms H has told us that the collection is semi-autobiographical; it’s about experiencing life changing events, growing, learning and appreciating yourself. Understanding that it’s okay to be “you”!

Sonically the set is classy, neo soul with a smooth jazz undertow. Largely laid-back, the only real up-tempo moment is ‘My Girls’ which proffers tight beats, some electro FX and a steady bass line. It’s a little different to the rest of ‘Authentically Me’ and underlines why H’Atina’ was voted ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the recent 2020 Indie Soul Awards.