Over the course of the year German boutique label GOLDEN RULES have been promising a third volume of their compilation album series ‘Originals’. You’ll know that the compliers strive to find obscure soul, funk and jazz and deliver the music at a reasonable price to collectors a little tired of the tried and tested.

I’ve lost count but over the year, the label has issued (I think) something like 10 or 11 stand-alone singles from the album – they say, to serve as tasters! The singles ranged from the glorious soul groove of Cole Williams’ ‘A Better Woman’ to the funky soul-jazz of Cookin’ On Three Burners’ ‘Wind Up’. In between there was all kinds of everything, like Ray James’ gritty ‘Enough’ and the cinematic ‘Aura’ from Gentle Nature.

Amongst The album tracks we don’t think have been singles (yet) are the afro beater ‘Mama Da’Ana’ from Alogte Oho & his Sounds Of Joy, a raw, quirky instrumental ‘Winter Shy’ from Brother Lee and a funky ‘Seek And Destroy’ from the Great Revivers. All add variety to an always intriguing listen . The album’s out now via Golden Rules.