Born in Uganda, but now Londo-based VICTOR RAY is making quite a name for himself on the contemporary UK soul scene. You can acquaint yourself with his talents via his latest single, ‘Comfortable’ which has just won official release.

It’s the follow up his ‘I Felt’ EP from last year and when the song was given a “soft tease” release last month, it quickly went viral on Instagram within a week and in turn boosted his list of followers by a cool 250,000. He now totals 4.2 million followers and an astounding one billion combined views across social media platforms. With fans calling for the single’s full release, their wish is now granted!

Despite it’s title ‘Comfortable’ isn’t a cosy tune at all. Indeed it’s a powerful piece which speaks to the harsh  truth that people may find themselves in situations that they knowingly should walk away from but have grown too comfortable to leave.

Victor says: “‘Comfortable’ is a song I wrote about finding peace within an unfortunate circumstance. It’s about the harsh reality that sometimes, as humans we find ourselves in toxic situations and environments and we grow comfortable within them. Sometimes even actively searching for them.”  Out now