The revitalized STREET SOUNDS label has just unleashed a major new R&B compilation. Imaginatively-titled ‘R&B STREET ANTHEMS’, the double CD offers a massive 41 tracks from right across the modern R&B range. The first CD focuses on what the label calls ‘Soul Jams’ and features intriguing tracks from indie artists like PRESTON SCALES, CHAZ SHEPHERD and LEMAR KELSY. Modern soul collectors might want to investigate a remix of LENORA JAYE’S ‘Giving It Up’.

The pack’s second CD is tagged ‘Club Bangers’ and cuts from IZZY ISADORE, K SMOOVE, GLORIE and the wonderfully named NI-GEL are just that!

The album is initially released in a limited edition double CD complete with an extensive booklet featuring artist photos and biographies. For those who like the old technologies, there’s an even more limited edition pressing of the set in triple vinyl.