Fans of sophisticated soul will have noticed that much of ANITA BAKER’S music is hard to find – either physically or  digitally. It seems that that that’s down to a long running dispute between the soulstress and various labels about who own the rights to the music. Now, thank goodness, those disputes might be coming to an end.

Earlier this week Ms Baker’s social media posted: “All My Children Are Coming Home. Catalogue. Impossible Things Happen. Every. Single. Day. Yes, Chil’ren…STREAM ON.”

That message follows a tweet in March in which Anita said: “Miraculously, I have out-lived ALL of my artist contracts. They no longer “own” my name and likeness. And, by law, 30 year old masters are 2B returned 2 me. Unfortunately, they’re gonna make me fight 4 it.”

We believes that Ms Baker has been working out the rights issues with regard to her catalogue, and, hopefully,  we can expect to see her music on streaming services soon. She also tweeted that a new boxed set of her albums will be coming soon. She said “New Compilation/Box Set, Vinyl & Digital @Rhino_Record. The New Team. And in Intention, to Create More Joy for Generations.”