Though his name may not be that familiar in the soul mainstream, Yorkshire’s ANDY BELWOOD’S name is respected in the Northern soul and serious soul collectors communities. Saldy and belatedly we have to report that Andy died on Wednesday 15th November . It appears that Andy was recently diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour but despite treatment he sadly passed.

Andy had been on the soul scene for over 40 years and his passion for collecting records naturally led him to take to the DJ booth. He’s gigged here, there and everywhere including the famed Perpignan Weekenders, various Blackpool Tower Soul Weekenders and Newcastle’s iconic Hoochie Coochie Club. Taking pen to paper, so to speak, Andy has contributed to ‘N Soul’ and ‘Manifesto’ magazines and he was also the event reviewer for the ‘Soul Up North’ fanzine. Taking to the virtual airwaves, Andy also regularly uploaded enjoyable and varied podcasts to Mix Cloud. However, his most lasting legacy will be the setting up of indie label LAST BASTION RECORDS.

The label was set up during the 2020 Covid lockdown and the nerve centre was a converted donkey stable in North Yorkshire’s National Park! The name, Last Bastion, we believe, was inspired by a legendary 70s London punk club! Andy was always quick to assert that the idea for the label and its name was down to his wife Denise  while he was always keen to praise the support he had in setting up and marketing the label  from  Dizzy Holmes at Detour Records.

Andy and his small team were passionate to ensure that Last Bastion wouldn’t be just another label. Their mission statement was to ‘Make Music Matter’ and to that end the label has released six quality and diverse singles offering music from artists like Lou Pride, Sharon Jones and Steve Marriott.

I never met Andy Bellwood but I had plenty of “virtual” contact with him. He always came over as a “no ego”, gentle, thinking, respectful guy who knew what he was talking about when it came to soul and I’ve been in this game for many, many years and there aren’t too many people I’ve come across who I can say that about!

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