One of the biggest tunes at year end has been COOL MILLION’S magnificent ‘Dontcha Wanna Dance’. The pulsing modern soul anthem (featuring the fab Marc Evans on vocals) has been the mainstay of almost all decent soul “dos” and all self-respecting soul radio jocks have been giving the Rob Hardt/Frank Ryle mover maximum airplay.

Keen to give ‘Dontcha Wanna Dance’ even more legs, the cut’s been give a number of make overs – all ready in time for those all-important New Years bashes. Particularly tasty is the housified Ricky Inch Vocal Mix which, though upping the pace a tad, retains all the magic ingredients (including the intriguing vibe fills) that made the original so captivating. Diligent internet searches will lead you right to it and it’s all looking good for Cool Million’s upcoming long player – ‘No Ordinary Music’.


Like the boys say “They’re taking soul music back to the future”!