CENTRIC is a celebrated hip-hop producer but his latest project should interest proper contemporary soul fans too. You see, his song, ‘Always On My Mind’ features the sweet and soulful vocals of the lovely KENYA.

The cuts rides a tight, soul groove and (please don’t switch off!) there’s rap input from T3 of Slum Village. But the rhyming isn’t in your face; it doesn’t jar; rather, it’s organic with the nature and feel of the song in the way that those great Guru collaborations did back in the day. You’ll remember how skilfully he fused soul, jazz and hip-hop.

Kenya says: “Our goal with writing this song is to bring back ‘feel good’ soul, jazz and hip hop music with a slight edge.  Love is extremely necessary these days and our hope is to bring back the fun and simple feelings that love elicits romantically.

So broaden your perspectives and give this lovely track a try… it’s out now via the United Masters imprint and we believes it’s from an album called ‘Love Received’.