It was back in 2014 that garlanded session drummer STEVE GADD joined forces with two of Denmark’s top jazz players – MICHAEL BLICHER (sax and flute) and DAN HEMMER (Hammond Organ) to form what in the olden days was called a “super group”. The two Danes were (indeed are) mainstays of the Scandi jazz scene and  members of a band  that goes by the name of Astro Buddha Agogo!

The trio got together to play live – something they’d all missed for a while (especially Gadd who’s too often ensconced in a studio playing sessions)  and to share their mutual love of bluesy, soulful jazz and that passion was apparent on the boys’ debut album. With Hemmer’s Hammond out front a lot of the time, the essence of the music was  classic soul jazz and there’s plenty more of that infectious genre on the trio new album, ‘It Will Be Alright’.

It’s the trio’s fourth long player and we’re pleased to report that the team have lost none of their passion and commitment. All the tunes are original Blicher compositions and  range from the classic soul jazz romp, ‘Any Moment Now’ (which opens the album) through to the moody, sombre ‘Snow’ (that closes out the set). In between there’s every shade of soul jazz – notably the LP’s title track which proves that the blues is alive and well and dwelling in Scandinavia!

For information, five of the seven tracks are live recordings adding to the smoky, cellar club atmosphere while on a trio of tracks drummer Gadd is helped out by extra percussionists, Eddi Jarl and Rune Harder.

Blicher- Hemmer-Gadd ‘It Will Be Alright’ is released via C-Nut Records on  1st September and the trio will be playing live  – September 1st & 2nd – Glasgow, Mackintosh Church; September 3rd – Nottingham, The Southbank Bar.