Latest offering from Cuban born producer, musician and DJ WHEELER DEL TORRO, (aka DJ Kinfolks) is another energized thumper, ‘Quite Alright’. It follows his recent ‘Voce e Linda’ (‘You Are Beautiful’) and ‘If Only You Could See Me’.

Once again Wheeler’s vocalist of choice is soulful songbird Sidney Washington who articulates a meaningful lyric which deals with the microaggression that women of colour experience. Essentially, it’s about unseen experiences that many women face in the world of dating. Wheeler says: “We want women of colour- whether your skin tone is tawny, caramel, cinnamon or dark chocolate- to know that we see you, we understand, and we think you’re beautiful exactly as you are.” –

The track comes with 3 very different musical flavours: a powerful Afro House vibe from New York’s Doug Gomez; a soulful House outing from Italy’s up and coming talent Paul Adam; and an upbeat, piano-driven House groove from Wheeler himself. 

‘Quite Alright’ is out now on Traxsource promo October 16th / Full release October 30th, 2020 on Dog Day Recordings.