THE ALLERGIES hail from Bristol. They are DJ “Roy” Moneyshot and DJ “Adam” Rackabeat who describe themselves as “old school spinners and beat thieves”. They’ve been around since 2010 and their 2015’ LP ‘As We Do Our Thing’ fast became 6 Music’s “Album Of The Week” and I-Tunes’ best-selling hip hop album of the month. Other albums like ‘Push On’ and ‘Steal The Show’ won plenty of acclaim too. Little wonder; the Allergies music is built around  funky basslines, blaring horns and dance floor grooves… and plenty of humour!

If you’ve missed out on ‘em, then try the band’s current single – a massive, in-your-face, tongue in cheek homage to the golden era of funk, soul, disco and hip-hop, ‘Stanky Funk’.

The lyric, if that’s what you want to call it,  extolls  the virtues of the cure-all wonder elixir that is ‘Stanky Funk’. Here it’s given  the hard sell as in a US cable TV ad. Sonically the cut is a proper trunk rattler/ear tickler with added authentic spice via input from Pharcyde’s Bootie Brown. It’s real old school, super catchy and above all else fun. It’s a taster for the band’s upcoming album, ‘Tear The Place Up’

‘Stanky Funk’ is out now  but it will also be released as a limited edition 7” single, with the album track ‘Never Gonna Let Go’ on the B-side –  this , we’re told is “a crazy up-tempo breaks-heavy banger that sees The Allergies twin monster samba samples with roots reggae vocal rips”. Interesting! The release also comes with original art from official Lucasfilm illustrator and The Prodigy graphic art collaborator, Jake Detonator.