Been a while since we heard new music from every thinking soul fans’ favourite Italian blue eyed soulster…. AL CASTELLANA. His last big outing was, I think, the ‘Souleidoscopic Luv’ album and before that we all loved his ‘Outside My Window’ LP. So, it’s great to have big Al back on the soul horizon and his latest offering has been well worth waiting for.

It’s a sweet and lovely slow to mid-tempo modern soul groove, ‘Love Is Here’. It’s a real retro sound with catchy hooks and Al’s usual commanding soul vocals. Al tells us that the song (written and produced with Al’s long-time artistic partner and producer Daniele “Speed” Dibiaggio) is the story of love found unexpectedly after a long dark and tormented period, but it’s the luscious wrap-around sound that’s the winner here.

Al also tells us that ‘Love Is Here’ is the lead single from his upcoming album ‘The Right Place To Be’ – due January next year. In the meantime, enjoy ‘Love is Here’ – out now on Lademoto Records.