If you’re looking for a fresh, new(ish) dancer to get your New Year party (are we still allowed ‘em?) started, then may we point you towards a crisp, soulful house beater simply called ‘Luv’ from the equally simply named J.SOUL.

Sadly we don’t know too much about J.Soul nor indeed the sweet and soulfully voiced female who fronts ‘Luv’ – she’s anonymous on our copy. What we do know is that J.Soul is French and is the founder of web radio station OneLuvFM – which “offers a variety of content of old school classics and modern-day vibes”.

Some soulful house connoisseurs might recognize J.Soul via his 2021 collaboration with Head Jackers on their dance version of Taste Of Honey’s ‘Boogie’ which shook a few European dance floors. As, indeed, has ‘Luv’ which has been around for a few months. Now the tune’s getting a big international push alongside an “extended part 2” mix. If you’re a soulful house fan you’d do worse than investigate – it’s catchy and pacey and stuffed with all the flourishes that endears  the genre to so many. In fact if you’re a fan of contemporary soul dancers, an investigation won’t disappoint!