ISAAC ARAGON’S sweet ‘Love Bless America’ has been one of the surprise soul hits of the year… though “surprise” is perhaps the wrong word. The tune was (indeed is) a lovely, beguiling item… A proper ear worm; once heard it stayed with you and the message in the music was on point too. So no surprise that it was a hit … the surprise, I guess, was that it seemed to come out of nowhere and received little formal or large scale promotion… a real indie soul effort.

We learned that Isaac is a blue-eyed soul singer from Albuquerque, New Mexico and he fronts the band Isaac Aragon & The Healing and the good news is that, at last the team have just released a new single… ‘All I Got’. More good news? ‘All I Got’ is every bit as good as ‘Love Bless America’. It’s built from the same ingredients…. gentle rhythms, soulful vocal, sensible lyrics, memorable melody and more of those same sweet brass fills that will remind you of mellow moment Tower of Power. ‘All I Got’ will charm and beguile you – just like ‘Love Bless America’… watch it climb the soul charts!

Isaac Aragon & The Healing; ‘All I Got’ is available to download now