Modern soul connoisseurs will be familiar with the name ALEX PUDDU. The Italian multi instrumentalist has been around for quite a while but at the back end of 2019 he released a brace of fine modern soul tunes… ‘You Are My Fire’ and ‘Don’t Hold Back’. Both were stuffed with modern soul quality and both showed that Signor P totally understood the genre – even to the extent of drafting in Gene Robinson of Philly group, Breakwater to handle the vocals. The singles were followed by the well received ‘Discotheque’ album that confirmed his mastery of the modern soul sound.

Now Alex is back with a new single that continues his upward, soulful trajectory. The A side is a stately, 80s soul throwback…. ‘All I Want Is Your Love’ which features a wonderful old school vocal from US singer Rodney Stith, whose style is in a direct heritage line  from Bobby Womack, David Ruffin and Ali Ollie Woodson. Yes… he’s good. The song boasts a catchy hook, melodic chorus and even a spoken intro… what more could you want?

The B side offer a full length version of the Gene Robinson vocalised ‘Don’t Hold Back’ which still sounds top notch and if you don’t yet know about Alex Puddu this fab single is an excellent way in. It’s out now on Schema Records.