Latest release from JALAPENO RECORDS features a band called SKEEWIFF – essentially a UK based production duo Alex Rizzo and Elliot Ireland (who actually founded Jalapeno Records!). The pair and their invited guests excel at blending cheeky humour and dancefloor production skills to create  a unique sound which you can enjoy on this new 3 track Jalapeno EP, ’Amen Brother’.

You’ll get the picture right away – for sure the EP’s title track is Skeewiff’s take on the Winstons’ legendary ‘Amen Brother’ . You’ll know, of course, that the track originally featured on the B side of the Winston’s classic ‘Colour Him Father’ and none of the group feature on  it. It’s the studio band…  but what’s important is that ‘Amen Brother’ went on  to become one of the most sampled breaks in history thus shaping  the foundations of countless genres and playing  a pivotal role in the birth of modern electronic music. So why shouldn’t  Skeewiff offer their version?

The EP’s three other offerings are a cover of Herb Alpert’s ‘Spanish Flea’ and  a take on ‘Exclusive Blend’ an old library music cut first recorded by Keith Mansfield. They add to the irony and humour of the package which is out now.